New Projects in the Pipeline

Interesting things are always in process in the lab. Below is a listing of some of the major items Craig is currently working on. With your assistance, they will all come to fruition.


Colorado Monuments by Night

I wanted to find out where we came from in a way that I could relate to more closely than a textbook; visiting these monuments late at night, when only I was there to hear their stories, allowed them to reveal their humanity in a completely new way. Colorado Monuments by Night brings my late-night rendezvous to life so that you and your family can connect in a completely new light with the people and their odysseys that wrote our Colorado story.  A new Kickstarter campaign is LIVE RIGHT NOW!


Auto Museums of Iceland

A wonderful new book that gives the very unique history of what cars and trucks mean to Iceland. Rather that revere a car for its form, Iceland remembers their vehicles for their function; what they contributed to the building of a proud and tough nation. All three of the major museums have already signed on for this project! Preliminary shooting has already taken place, and the remainder will be completed in the Summer of 2019, in preparation for publishing for the Holidays!


Rambler Ranch

Incredibly, the largest collection of AMC vehicles in the world has never been documented in a book! Craig is honored to have been chosen for the project. So far, fifteen days of shooting has taken place, with about that much yet to go, as cars get moved into new spaces, and become easier to capture. Read all about Terry Gale and his unending quest to make sure these cars aren’t forgotten.