Colorado Monuments by Night is part history book, part coffee table book, and part photographic instruction. A simultaneously reverent and irreverent glimpse into the rich history all around us in Colorado. Leave the traditional rote process of memorization undertaken by students by the wayside now, with photographs that present the monuments in a way never before seen in print, and in a way that most people will never see them in real life.

Displaying the monuments at their most lonely moment, the reader will also get a sense of Colorado history being forgotten, falling by the wayside. This is a completely intentional perspective, as it underscores the importance of not ignoring the contributions of those who came before us, building The Centennial State into what we enjoy today.

Photographers will be interested in seeing one of the most popular techniques of the modern age, landscape astrophotography, translated into something with a more practical, local application than the typical night shot of a nebula or seascape. These photographs take the art of astrophotography to a new level. Some are heavily processed, others only minimally, giving everyone a chance to see something they’re looking for. Since the goal is to provide a varying visual experience, many different techniques have been used. Among them are long exposure, extra-long exposure, ambient light, light painting, infrared, lightness stacking, average stacking, wide angle, super telephoto, cityscape, wilderness, and more. The technical details are presented for every shot.

These are places anyone can visit, with exact GPS coordinates and locations listed for each marker. The book can easily be taken along on road trips, and used for reference in any part of Colorado.

But that's only half of the story. The accompanying footnoted text is also designed specifically to interest the reader who may not otherwise be interested in simple historical facts. The text is original, not taken from the monuments, though the full text of all bronze markers is included in the explanation boxes. Short, concise stories describe every location and person involved, and explain how those history-shaping events relate directly to why Colorado is the state it has become today. The text provides stories that would not otherwise be known; facts that have been underreported or untold. The reader may even find a storied event or two that didn't happen as described!

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